I received my certification as equine-facilitated human development practitioner from the International Foundation for Equine-Assisted Learning (IFEAL) in Sussex, UK.

The IFEAL training program, based on the Epona approach, is the first of its kind to be certified by Crossfields Institute and Pearson Assured by Pearson Education Ltd, both of which set benchmarks for high quality of training.  IFEAL program is also unique in that it has developed a equine-facilitated human development protocol based on bio-psycho-social theoretical frameworks and equine ethology.  The clinical results of the work conducted at IFEAL are being evaluated in collaboration with the King’s College of London.

My background and goals. I love being with horses, and I care about humanity.  People are fascinating creatures, so I studied physiology and neuroscience to figure out how they function on the inside.  Getting married and having kids can certainly teach you about humans.  My three children are a source of great satisfaction, exasperation, exhaustion, and joy.  Moving from country to country to follow the career of my firefighter-turned-disaster expert husband has not prevented me from growing a herd of two dogs (Cracker the American, and Latte the Brazilian), and three horses: the kind-hearted Orista, the proud and fearless Dalpina, and sweet and sensitive Osanna — all three Akhal Teke mares.  I wish to inspire others to enjoy horses, and through them to come to know and love themselves.

My professional focus is presently on establishing an EFHD practice in Quito, Ecuador, developing as a horse trainer, and continuing to develop sensitivity toward human and animal life experiences and emotions.  I am also studying photonic therapy (a non-invasive alternative to acupuncture).  When working with horses, I use classical training principles (based of anatomy and physiology) and natural horsemanship methods (based on horse psychology) to create happy equine athletes.

Why Momo Riding?  Momo is the heroine of a 1973 book by Michael Ende (author of The Neverending Story).  This sweet and gentle child has the ability to make people happy, forget their quarrels, and to awaken to joy, connection, and love.  She goes on a journey, in which she finds the tools to protect herself and her friends from the influence of time-robbing men in grey suits.  She is symbolic of the pure human spirit that resides within each one of us, with which we have lost touch due to socialization and disconnection from nature and other people.  By learning from horses (not necessarily riding them), and letting go of our enslavement to the clock (symbol of modern life), we can rediscover this child-like essence.


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